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Fit Stop Fitness For Women Duncan BC Canada

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Fitstop Fitness for Women Celebrating Supporting Cowichan Valley Women for 20 Years! 

About Our Facility

In June of 2002 Fitstop Fitness for women opened it’s doors for the very first time. We were a small gym with a big heart for our members and our community.

Fitstop Fitness For Women Duncan BCOver the years we have grown. We have on site BCRPA certified personal trainers, areas dedicated to cardio equipment, weight machines, free weights and multi purpose stretching.

To date we’ve welcomed more than 5000 members through our doors and we continue to welcome new people daily.

Fitstop Fitness for Women is recognized in the Cowichan Valley as a safe harbour, providing not just a motivating place for women to work out but a warm, safe and welcoming environment to hang out and meet some new friends. Fitstop continues to do the job it was created for…nurturing body, soul and spirit.

We encourage our members  in achieving their goals for a healthy lifestyle combined with exercise and healthy eating. We also nurture a positive and safe environment, where all are welcome.

Please do come visit us.


Our Vision

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the person you see staring back at you? Or do you sigh in exasperation at the weight that has somehow managed to materialize when you weren’t looking, firmly attaching itself to every visible part of you and then some?

It’s true. ‘Round’ is definitely a shape. But is it the shape you want to be? 

We live in a world that offers speedy weight loss answers. A world of wonder diets, weight loss pills and surgical procedures, all promising to make you half the woman you are now.  But let me ask you… 

Will ‘half the woman you are now’ feel whole at half the weight? 

tape-pills-medicine-tablet-53376.jpegWonder diets, weight loss pills and surgical procedures, often only offer short-term, short-lived, weight loss solutions. One of the reasons for this being, that producers of such quick fix answers, are content with concentrating on the outer body rather than the body as a whole.

Money motivated and profit conscious, little thought is given to the person struggling with not just weight issues, but the contributing factors surrounding and causing them. They may temporarily take care of that burning desire we all entertain to have the ‘perfect body’. But a period of popping pills, fad dieting and/or risky surgery is ultimately not enough to quench that often unacknowledged passion inside to feel completely happy, healthy and whole. 

As we nourish our bodies with food and exercise and feed our minds with knowledge, we are also, whether we realize it or not, nurturing our spirit and soul. Often however, life throws at us situations and circumstances that in effect, leave our spirit and soul wounded. With a wounded spirit and soul, our body reacts and springs into protective mode.

We try to make ourselves feel better, try to make those not so nice things in our lives disappear, and try to hide the hurt we feel inside. For some, over-eating or under-eating becomes a problem. For other’s, escape is in alcohol and/or drugs. Other’s, completely neglecting themselves, throw their efforts into their jobs, their families. And then there are those whose escape from reality, is on the couch, remote in hand, oblivious to the outside world.

Perhaps you can relate. Perhaps your situation is different. Perhaps, you just want a place to work out, meet new people and make new friends, and you feel your soul and spirit are perfectly fine thank you very much!

pexels-photo-347135.jpegFitstop was born out of a vision to see women lose weight and keep it off. But is was also born out of a desire to see women become healthy on the inside as well as the out. It is our hope that the women who come to us, will not become just ‘half the women they are now’ but whole women in body, soul and spirit.

It is our aim here at Fitstop to provide a place where women can come and feel at ease to not just work on physical fitness, but feel safe enough to talk through some of the things that hold them back from being whole in soul and spirit also. 

While we are not trained counselors each staff member, from the youngest to the oldest (and we have a wide age range on staff), has their own experiences, encouragement, and support to share and offer.

Fitstop promotes long-term life style changes from the inside out.

We understand that each woman who walks through our doors, is unique. That each brings with them their own needs, goals, and desires, when it comes to physical fitness and wholeness. That for many women, weight loss is not just about shedding a few pounds physically, but lightening the burden they carry on the inside also.

For some the issue is not losing weight, but rather gaining it. And for others, exchanging body fat for body muscle, toning what once just jiggled. We know there are those that require special attention and catering to physical disabilities and limitations. And we know the importance of greeting each gym member with a smile, a word of encouragement, and by name.

We don’t want you to be half the woman you are now.

We want to encourage and support you in your goal to be the whole healthy woman you were created to be, inside and out.