New Procedures

Fit Stop Fitness For Women Duncan BC Canada

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Before coming to the gym please read the following. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Business transactions can only take place between 8:30 and 6:30 pm M-F and 9 – noon on Saturdays.

I strongly recommend the auto renew option so that way you are not having to physically come in and pay each month. You can also phone in the particulars of your payment method if things change.

There are strict guidelines in place to keep everyone safe and all members, new or renewals will be asked to sign a waiver with the new rules. In doing so they are agreeing to adhere to them otherwise their membership could possibly be terminated.

For efficiency sake it is preferred that you print and bring in the filled out waiver. The waivers are available for download at the bottom of this page. Please do not sign it as the waiver must be signed in front of a staff member.

Please be patient with everyone as all members and staff will be learning the new rules and adjusting to a new normal.

Due to the uncertainty of our times the only membership options available right now are:

  • 1 month (auto renew) $ 50 + gst
  • 1 month (come in and pay monthly) $ 50 + gst
  • Drop in $ 12 + gst
  • 10 visit card $ 100 + gst

Things to know prior to arrival:

  • Change rooms and showers are temporarily off limits so come in your workout gear
  • Bathrooms are available and can be used for changing if needed
  • Please leave your purse or large bags in your car (hidden from sight of course)
  • There is no water cooler so bring your own drinking bottle that can be filled in the bathroom (water will be sold at the front desk)
  • Yoga mats have been removed for sanitation reasons so feel free to bring your own
  • It’s also recommended to bring your own sweat towel.
  • Machine wipe down towels are are provided but are not to be used for sweat towels as Laundry will already be increased greatly
  • I strongly recommend that members wear face masks in the weight room as heavy breathing will go further than the 2 metres that are recommended for social distancing
  • Fans had to be removed but at least Fitstop has air conditioning
  • When using the cardio machines, please leave a “Machine Between”
  • 20 members max in the gym ( 5 max in cardio room, 5 max in stretch room, 10 max in weight room)
  • If we need to do a sign up sheet we will but for now I don’t think it will be needed
  • If money is tight for you right now you may want to think about our volunteer option…call Jody for more details at 250-812-2158

I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and welcoming new ones 🙂


Waivers to print out and bring with you.

Please do not sign until you are at the gym as your signature must be witnessed.